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PML – Particle Monitoring Technologies Ltd.

Is an electro optical start-up company, spin-off of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology that aims at becoming a leader in on-line, in-process particle-monitoring.

PML’s Technology is based upon a patented method of interaction between nano particles and a structured laser beam. The result is a continuous, automatic, on-line particle analyzer that provides:


Particle size distribution (down to the nano level)


Particle concentration


Particle clustering into groups according to their optical characteristics


Water slurry for Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)

PML’s Particle On-Line Analyzer (POLA) has consistently detected, measured and sized slurry particles that are being used  by FAB   for CMP. POLA capa...

Potable Water

Today, all drinking water is filtered through various technologies ranging from carbon to membrane filtration. Monitoring particles in water before an...

Industrial Water

PML is targeting also industrial water applications. One such application related to the semiconductor industry is  Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP...

Air-born particles PM 2.5

Particle pollution is a mixture of microscopic solids and liquid droplets suspended in air. This pollution, also known as particulate matter, is made ...