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PML – Particle Monitoring Technologies Ltd. has developed and patented a breakthrough in-process nano particle analyzer. This analyzer is capable  of measuring  particle sizes down to the nanometer range, and their concentration. It can also differentiate among distinct particle populations according to their optical properties, in fluids such as oil and water and in an air environment. This technology offers real-time continuous monitoring of nano particles in extremely demanding industrial processes such as water treatment, cement production and pharmaceutical manufacturing, making real time monitoring an economically viable option.

PML’s new nano analyzer provides greater accuracy, reliability and responsiveness which will make industrial processors more efficient, improve the quality of their processes and reduce their energy consumption and overall impact on the environment. PML’s technology uses a unique structured laser beam, scanning at high speed across the sample coupled with artificial intelligence, making this a unique nano particle in-process analyzer. Patented technology with capability to apply it in a wide range of industrial applications creates substantial commercial value for the customers.

PML operates and is located in both, Edmonton, Alberta Canada, and Haifa, Israel, and is controlled by Alberta Nano-Monitoring Systems Ltd.

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